Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Catching a Break

Today is $1 cupcake day at Dozen. It's actually cupcake week AND the kickoff of their fall menu including pumpkin-themed treats. Now, I do not have time really to get to Dozen to buy a cupcake, but situations like this call for drastic measures. I am going to have to drive myself to Lawrenceville before I leave for campus to teach my class.

This is troubling for several reasons other than using the car to obtain a cupcake. (Something not entirely justifiable...) For starters, my students are having a really hard time with an essay right now because I got excited and made them talk about challenging concepts on Monday. Like ethnocentrism. And cultural assimilation. So now I have to redo the lesson plans I had laid out and I get really nervous and Type A about lesson plans. If I get the cupcake, I might have to wing it in class. Can you imagine???

Another reason the trip to Dozen is problematic is that I am newly obsessed with Heroes. My friend Boo begged me for weeks to give it a shot and then I saw that it's available online from Netflix. I have to watch that show in every second of my free time. It's more engrossing than Twilight, if that's even possible.

I wonder if I can have the focus and mental drive to finish my lesson plans by 10:30, go get the cupcake, and bring it back to my house with enough time to watch an episode of Heroes while I eat it? My God, that would be a perfect morning. Especially if I get a chocolate one.