Sunday, August 19, 2007

Settling In

Things are becoming normal to me here at our new house. I have preferred routes to grocery stores and know how many pedals it takes to get up the hill on my bicycle (46 hard pumps up Bryant Street in first gear). More important, we forget to do our chores. The house is a mess and I got so distracted by Facebook this evening that I stopped mid-Swiffer.

I empty the dehumidifier twice a day and get excited about arranging the recycling in the dining room. It's easy, in these last few weeks of summer, to forget that I have to go back to school. My street is completely silent and if I close my eyes or do enough Sodoku puzzles, I could pretend I don't live in Pittsburgh at all. Maybe I'm in some faraway land where I have a housekeeper and a life of leisure?

More likely, I just feel settled in my new house and am finally learning how to relax myself. In the spirit of enjoyment, I will share a fun video from our housewarming party last weekend. I think it sums up my feelings on dancing, alcohol, and my home.


Emily said...

Katy you look so skinny.

And I love your green walls. What is the official name?

And, just because I'm curious, is that a working fireplace?

Katy said...

that's not me in the video! that's our friend alyssa, a cyclist. and no, sadly the fireplace doesn't work. the walls are asparagus.

Valtastic said...

Sabato is such a bad friend... she doesn't even know what you look like anymore! That means you need to visit us... I mean me.. come to Boston..

Anonymous said...

That looks like a gas heater in the fireplace, it should be able to be made workable. You can probably guess who.

Snacky D said...

Wow, you weren't kidding when you said you'd put my video up on YouTube... how embarrassing, but at the same time, nice work =)