Tuesday, July 10, 2007

For some reason I am unable to type in the Title portion of this blog. If I were, this post would be entitled THE HEAT!!!! I can't deal with it. It's making me sweaty and gross.

Last night, when I was painting the dining room, a big globule of sweat from my friend's face landed on my arm. I wanted to vomit, but was fearful I would then splash my own sweat on myself as I moved my head.

Today I coped with the humidity with frozen things. I left the football players unattended to go get ice cream. I just needed it. Then, when I was waiting for the bus in the baking sun, Rita's was giving away free Italian Ice. I took one, then I did my hair differently and took another one as if I were a different customer.

Now I am having an ice pop. I have consumed nothing but sugar all day, but I think I need it. It never ceases to amaze me how much the air can literally feel solid when the oppressive humidity smooshes itself around my body.

Please let it rain soon.


Valtastic said...

click in the main body and then hold down shift & tab.. it will bring you back to the title... It was annoying me that I had to figure a work around.. damn you blogspot...

Katy said...

UPDATE: Later this evening when I was being totally bitchy, Corey just looked at me and said, "You should go sit in the air conditioning."

He loves when I get cranky.