Thursday, July 19, 2007

Anger Rolls

We don't have internet at home. I am a poacher once again. I felt momentarily vindicated in my poaching when I discovered that some girl in my building was taking advantage of our open Wi-Fi signal.

I had completely forgotten that we had opened it when I got my new laptop and never reset the password. Anyway, one evening I opened my door and tripped over her, leaning against our door jamb with her computer. I told her she was welcomed to use the internet, that I was a poacher myself. I told her we were moving and that the gift would not be around forever, though.

We cancelled our Comcast account after Corey talked to the FIOS people. They were supposed to come install the wondrous internet yesterday. They offered a lovely service window of 8:00AM through 5:00PM, so Corey had to miss an entire day of work.

ONLY THEY NEVER SHOWED UP! They just didn't come to our house. So now we have no internet and I am standing by a hot dog cart in Oakland waiting for my bus and stealing internet from a bank. I want them to give us free things. Here we left another provider for them, missed a whole day of work, and were willing to hop on board a new idea. And they treated us like garbage. Such inconsideration.

The earliest they can come again is next Friday. As in July 27. Thankfully, I will have Harry Potter 7 to occupy me next week, but that still means I am stuck at home without access to and my precious email.

I bite my thumb at the FIOS people. I bite my thumb heartily at them.


Anonymous said...

The weather underground I knew was a radical offshoot of the SDS back in the 1960's.

Valtastic said...

Wow my cable group gave us a window of 3-5 and the guys showed up at 2:30... luckily I was there... the guy was even nice enough to say I was cute, leave his number and tell him that I should "really think about calling him"... maybe your problem was that Corey waited for the cable guy and not you... they like females...