Friday, July 31, 2009

What a Day

A few months ago, I read a parenting blog that said new moms should make Ta-Da lists instead of to do lists. I absolutely could not appreciate the enormity of such things until right now. Here I am 15 days into parenthood, and I feel like today was the most successful day in the entire world. To look over my list makes my former self think, "OMG cut her loose! This is inefficient!"

But the new Katy, the one who hasn't slept since July 15, looks at today as the portal to a new and wonderful world. Here is what I did today:

-took a shower
-put clean clothes on
-washed a load of diapers AND dried them
-left the house and went to breakfast with my sister
-ate said breakfast AT the breakfast place instead of bringing it home
-pumped 1.5 ounces of milk
-napped while Miles napped

The biggest thing on there is obviously the part where I left the house, drove the car, and ate breakfast out like a normal person. Only I'm not a normal person anymore. Because I have to navigate a stroller and have this whole new body awareness that extends past my hands into the plastic stroller. And the eating place has to have wide enough aisles to let me fit or it doesn't work out. And then every single second I'm there I have to keep one foot on the stroller in case someone tries to steal Miles and one eye on the stroller in case he starts to cry.

And I did it! I did all of these things at the same time while eating quiche. It amazed me that I was capable of such multitasking. Of course, I was still completely dependant on Betsy to order the food and bring it to the table. But who knows? Maybe tomorrow I can even do that part!


Jane said...

When I finally get out there, can we have this same breakfast? I will order and deliver the food :o)

Sikora said...

You deserve a medal. In the beginning, there were days where I forgot to brush my teeth! I considered it a productive day if I bathed, went for a walk and remembered to eat.

It gets better and kudos to you for getting out of the house early on. It's essential to maintain your sanity.

(I found your blog through Jenny Lui's blog and got addicted when I realized we had the same birthing views - yay midwives and strong birthing mammas. Plus, you're hysterical and I love your writing)

ellen said...

Good for you Katy! Been thinking about you so much since we left. Going out to eat is a big step. Just don't let anybody breathe on our perfect little grandson!

Kelly said...

With Lyndsy there were days when I never made it out of my bedroom. I had a TV, a comfy spot on the bed, a bouncy seat, and a boppy for nursing. Other than a trip to the fridge here and there, I was set! Good job!

Oh and I LOVE the internet too! It's so great to keep up with friends!

kk said...

I was so excited the first time I went out in public alone with two babies. I went to Sears and walked around didn't shop just went into public solo and I remember feeling like I was on top of the world because I was out of the house.