Thursday, July 16, 2009

FRESH movie

A few weeks ago, the Rookie Moms website suggested that hosting a screening of a new film Fresh was a great way to spend an evening with a new baby. Even though I don't yet have a new baby, I couldn't wait to try this idea. I loved it. I even pitched it to the Mother Nature Network and wrote about the experience of hosting my own private indie flick screening.

Probably because of my enormous distraction of late, I still don't feel like I fully captured my thoughts on this movie, the way it was being distributed, or how I felt about being included. I mean, how powerful is it to give the "people" the power to distribute a film?? Instead of relying on the machine, on the big studios, etc. the filmmaker (Ana Sofia Joanes) relies on word of mouth and folks like us to buy screening licenses and have their own food parties.

Even if I lived in some remote part of Alaska, I could be among the first people in the country to see this film. Just as long as the mail service gets there...It's so empowering.

My extreme boredom is leading me to try to organize a bigger Pittsburgh screening of the flick. I just feel like I want everyone to know about it. I get excited about food and taking control over food. Someday soon, this baby will emerge from my body and I'll become preoccupied. But in the mean time, I'm shouting from the rooftops that the coolest way to spend an evening is shelling out $20 and hosting a local food potluck to watch this movie.

Corey and I will probably have another Fresh party sometime soon since we still can show 15 more people with our let me know if you want to come over and watch!


bethany said...

this is awesome, and actually reminds me of a doc i saw at NCECA this past April (you know, the same conference i went to when i saw you in Pittsburgh last year) called "who does she think she is". they're distributing it in a similar way. come to think of it, you might really like's all about women and balancing a life as professional artists and the demands of home and family. the website is

PeaceLoveMath said...

Now you have a baby! I can't wait to meet him...YAAAYY!! I hope you're having a very happy first few days of mommyhood.

RookieMom Heather said...

Nice one, Katy. I didn't mean to suggest the baby would actually like the movie. But that its easier than bringing a baby to a documentary.