Friday, March 06, 2009

World Cup

Today (I guess technically yesterday for EST folks...) was the first day of matches for the first ever Sevens World Cup for women. I should be there watching and supporting. I should be in Dubai right now. I can't stand not being there! It's like there is all this energy and history being made and I'm watching it in a tiny room in Pennsylvania. I feel so excited for the Uganda team, whom I've gotten to know via their blog. I feel really glad that the Netherlands are doing well, since one of their players is starting up rugby again just weeks after giving birth to twins.

I feel like there is so much powerful feminist energy happening across the world right now. Even watching it from afar gives me goose bumps. Good luck, USA. I rubbed your calendar for luck this morning while I drank tea! Gosh, what a thing it would be to win the first ever cup...even to be there is so monumental.

I was telling my students this week that the USA women's team could, for this spring at least, simultaneously exist as both women and professional rugby players. The thought of that is so huge it makes my head explode a little bit. We are on our way to something like equality in the sports arena! We are on our way!

Go Eagles!

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mil said...

If it makes you feel any better....You fil said that you don't want to be in Dubai anyway...I'm sure your husband concurs.