Sunday, March 01, 2009

Big Love

I've been reading Under the Banner of Heaven. I was supposed to finish weeks ago for book club, but didn't get to it. Now I'm watching season 3 of Big Love and all I can think about is plural marriage. It is permeating my conscious thoughts. I know there are people who are far less feminist than me and that's ok, because someday I'll convert them. But these principals? Plural marriage, subservience, obedience, the racism...I feel scared these folks will get to my baby and make him think such things are ok. Maybe I'm not scared of that. Maybe I'm more scared because I don't see how I can help the women who are stuck in places where people tell them such things are not only ok, but necessary.

I need to stop reading heavy books until I give birth, I think. Also to stop watching shows this distressing.


P said...

I have been to (through) Colorado City.

Anonymous said...

you know, my initial reaction to Big Love and idea of plural marriage was the same as yours. but, as i thought about it (and as an ardent feminist, as you know), the main thing is that the women characters on that show were of age, and made decisions that were adult decisions. now, making 14 year olds marry men in their fifties - that's wrong. but if consenting adults want to do what consenting adults want to do - who am i to try to prevent and/or criticize that? it's the same reason i am pro-choice and for legalizing and regulating things like prostitution and (currently illegal drugs). we may not like others' choices, but the important thing is that they do have a choice. as for worrying about your children being told that things like polygamy are okay - i wouldn't worry about that, because as the awesome person you are and the awesome mother you will be, you will have raised and equipped them with a set of beliefs that will let hold steady to what they know is right and true for them.