Thursday, March 05, 2009

Spring Fever

Not only is it above freezing today, but it is well above 40 degrees. Above 50 even! And unlike those sporadic days in February where it reached 70 before dipping back to the negatives, it feels like it might be sticking this time. I've let it get to my head.

Instead of lesson plans, this morning I packed for Vegas. Instead of lesson planning right now, I'm writing this blog post. I also bought chips, ate chips, adjusted my belly band, and stared out the window for awhile.

All this leads me to believe I should not expect stellar attention spans from the students this afternoon. And who could blame them? I don't think I will. It's likely their last class before spring break. I wish I could concentrate hard enough to come up with something super fun for them to do to get their minds ready for the essay they'll write.

I think instead we'll probably just gab about spring break destination plans. And that's ok! Some example I set.

PS--Might be eating ice cream on the PORCH rather than on the sofa tonight

PPS--Giving prenatal yoga another try. This time, I've had no beans or fart food, so hopefully things will be better.

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