Sunday, March 08, 2009

Off into the Sunset

Corey and I leave tomorrow for Shelbie's wedding in Las Vegas. I am traveling on from there to visit Team Bravo in Phoenix along with my little sister and give my nephew enough kisses to last until the next time he comes to PA. Because I'm a crazy person, and can't just take a vacation, I have managed to work in a writing assignment while I am out west, so I extended my stay. I'll be dining with the Mayor to research an article!!!

Probably won't be on here much for the next 9 days. Won't be doing Crossfit, won't be consuming any animal biproducts, and I'll have to survive on the cookies I'm bringing in my carry on, because they don't eat much junk food out that way. Hopefully I can squirrel my nephew away for a cupcake or something when my sugar addiction catches up with me...

At least it's warm and sunny there! Maybe I'll get a little tan on my baby bumpy belly.

This is, I have promised myself, my last big journey for awhile. Although we're flying to Philly for Seder in a few weeks...I guess that makes me a fibber? Man, why can't I just sit still. It's like I don't even really live here in Pittsburgh this year.

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