Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Highlight Reel

I've been gone for like 9 days. There's too much to say about it, so here are the highlights:
1. Penny Slots. I won ten bucks! Proceeded to cash out immediately and walk to the crepe restaurant in Cesar's Palace, where I bought a ten dollar chocolate crepe. It was actually $9.40, but I put the change in the tip jar. I sat outside the cafe, which is really inside because nothing in Vegas is actually outside, and was eating away happily until this awful woman came and sat at my table in the only remaining chair. She was smoking away heavily, as you are allowed to do in Vegas, and then said, "Oh, you don't mind do you?" "My baby does!" I bellowed and shoved the crepe plate at her. I stomped off to lose more money on the penny slots, enraged that I didn't even get to finish my crepe. You can bring cigars to the gamboling floor, but not chocolate crepes...

2. Shelbie's wedding. I got to sign the marriage certificate and be in the bridal salon with her and her family. It was really something. I hope I didn't get too "wise" and talk about my wedding too much...that was the last thing I was trying to do. I just wanted to be in there with her while she got ready. It was so amazing to share that experience with someone I've known since I was 5 years old...

3. Chihuly! Wouldn't you know I was in Phoenix at the same time as the Gardens and Glass exhibit? I got to see the wonderous glass masterpieces in the desert landscape. They had the butterfly garden open and one landed on my back. Everyone started yelling, "Look! That lady has one on her back!" Then they shoved and shoved to get a picture, manhandling my tiny, pregnant sister out of the way. She had to get all uppity to take her own picture. I was, after all, her actual sister and not just "that lady" to her...

4. The mayor. I had dinner with the mayor of Phoenix, Phil Gordon. I was doing research for an article on water in desert cities, and he told me all about irrigation ditches. You can read the full report later on the Mother Nature Network, but how cool am I having dinner with a man who gets to talk to Barack Obama this week? He was so chill and he sucked the frosting off the chocolate cupcakes we had for dessert, putting just the cake part back on the platter. Ah, Phil.

5. Bikes. Ananda (my nephew) is quite the bike rider! While my sister Sami treated patients, Betsy and I took Ananda for long bike rides...long for his 4 year old legs anyway. On Monday, he wasn't really wearing the right shoes and kept slipping off the pedals, causing him to crash his bike over and over again until the training wheels fell off. He asked me to carry him home but my baby bump prevented that. Instead, I made him carry the bike helmet as a purse with our water bottles in it and I wheeled the mangled toddler bike down the street while he cried a little bit. I assured him the bike was totally fixable and it wasn't his fault. Then he got distracted by the ice cream man and totally forgot all about it.

6. Kids. My nephew woke me up yesterday with the following dialogue: "Aunt Katy, when Baby Love is born, he can play with my toys if he wants to. Also? Um, Baby Love needs a brother so you should make him a brother too. Only make him real. Is that Baby Love in there right now?"

UPDATE: Pictures


Emily said...

omg i love the baby dialougue.

and the photos from the glass exhibit are amazing!

PeaceLoveMath said...

Baby Love, that is so sweet.

And ohmygah, you are so pregnant!! I can't wait to meet Baby Love!