Thursday, July 03, 2008


Lately, I've been feeling really smug and happy about it. The other night, Corey and I had a smug married dinner with our married neighbors. We smugly played cards and ate pastured beef on the deck. It was smashing.

Also, now that Harry is doing work on our house, if I'm doing a phone interview for a story, I get to smugly say, "Pardon that noise in the background. We're having work done on the office." It's not even a lie since Harry was actually in my office today varnishing things.

Sometimes it's nice to just be smug about being grown up, as if to say, "I am a big deal and very important, so take me seriously, please." It helps me feel better about myself when I stop work for the afternoon to eat cold ham with my fingers and watch the new American Gladiator like a small child, wishing for a Crush action figure.

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Jane said...

No--Harry is making a wine holder/end table in my garage!