Saturday, July 26, 2008

Oh man

I did a Saturday morning Cross Fit today. I think it was harder than during the week because I'm not used to making my body do such things on weekends. I finished the following in 28:06. Not last, not first, but pretty darn good:
--800m run
--35 box jumps
--35 sit-ups
--3 rope climbs (I did the kind where you lower your body to the floor and then, stiff as a board, raise yourself back up with just your arms)
--35 ring dips (talk about your stabilizer muscles!)
--35 medicine ball chops (as if you were a dwarf mining for coal, only with a medicine ball)
--400m run with a medicine ball (awkward with short arms!)
--200m farmer's walk, in which you walk carrying kettle bells of varying weights
--400m run

Then we did two ab circuits that made me want to barf. I didn't even say goodbye to anyone. When Jen said, "Annnnnnnnd stop!" I just ran out the front door, covered in chalk and gasping for breath.

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Anonymous said...

i had to look half of these things up, but wowsa. see what i mean by motivating me to get active?