Thursday, July 24, 2008


Responsible Dave is pirating my husband from me. I think he wants to steal Corey's love. An example:

Wednesday evening:
Katy--Corey, will you come to the Pirates game with me tomorrow? A bunch of rugby folks are going and it will be super fun!
Katy--Why not?
Corey--grunts. Mumbles something about a meeting discussing bikes and buses.

Thursday morning:
(See above, inserting "tonight" for "tomorrow")

Five minutes ago:
The phone rings.
Corey--Dave just called and said he won free tickets to the game.
Katy--That's nice!
Corey--Will you care if I go to the baseball game with Dave? The tickets are free
Katy--Yes. Yes I care. I want you to go with me.
Corey--But Dave's tickets are free.
Katy--You have to hang out with me before the game and come visit me for at least 2 innings.
Corey--I have no problem with that.

So, for four hours, Corey will be sitting with Dave watching the sun set on the river as the Pirates stink it up on the field while I eat kettle corn with my teammates.


Hannah said...

ahh! PIRATING! i get it.

Valtastic said...

are there fireworks? if there are he better join you for them! it's just weird if he hangs out with dave for fireworks...

Snacky D said...

No fireworks, except for a few when they hit home runs. I'm sorry I caused such a ruckus in the Team Lev household! I won tickets again on Monday night, so I didn't try to pirate him a second time. If it makes you feel any better, he read the New Yorker for half the game...