Wednesday, July 09, 2008


Corey had me convinced I had meningitis today. I have been very sick--bundled in warm clothes despite the heat and still shivering with fever and some aches. I have a headache in my right eye as well. When he got home from work we typed my symptoms into WebMd: West Nile Virus or meningitis.

West Nile Virus I dismissed immediately. Even I am not that silly to think I contracted such a thing. I might have brushed off this fear of meningitis only I never got the vaccine because I am terrified of needles and I've been working in awfully close quarters with young students inhabiting those dens of disease, the college dorm room. Plus Corey was teasing and my back started aching harder. I started panicking and crying a little bit and then the tears made my face cold and I didn't know what to do. I didn't want to go to the ER for fear I'd end up like this lady.

Lucky for me, I have over twelve current or former teammates currently in the medical profession. A quick text messaging session brought doctors and nurses from all coasts rushing to my cyber-office and they have all assured me I am being a big baby and that my neck would hurt if I had meningitis. I think just talking to them and saying hello helped me feel a little better.

Now all that remains is for the fever to pass and for me to start actually enjoying being propped up on the couch with pillows, demanding AirBorne and brownies from my husband. Because right now I just feel sick and I couldn't eat a brownie if Corey were willing to bring me one.


Valtastic said...

are you sure it isn't west nile?? :)

I hope you feel better.

Bethany said...

you have meningitis, i have a toothache, and your zucchini persists in being celibate. clearly the world is ending.