Thursday, December 20, 2007

World's Best Day

Today has been amazing. For starters, I successfully used up a lot of the perishable foods in my house by baking a breakfast casserole. All the cream, stale bread, canned peaches, and bananas and eggs are now in my belly! I even got Corey to eat a small bit of it.

Next, I discovered my reimbursement check was in from school for my New York trip. Bank account in the black, check. Credit card payment, ready to send.

Then, I made tons of progress on my new knitting project while watching season two of Queer As Folk, a flock of turkeys waddled through my backyard, and I got the fiction issue of the New Yorker in the mail.

Since it's almost three, I'm going to settle back with a bottle of wine and read a new Junot Diaz until Corey gets home. I love winter break!

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Jane said...

Turkeys? In YOUR backyard?