Sunday, December 30, 2007

Fun Times

This weekend, even though we've been world travelers, Corey and I journeyed to the fine town of Littlestown near Gettysburg to visit college friends. It was an amazing adventure and I'm so glad we went. The drive out there was gorgeous and productive (in terms of my knitting) and the party was a fantastic demonstration of Penn State football victory, darts, eating, and crazy night time antics.

The best part, however, was the drive home. Corey insisted we stop at a fun filled place called Mr. Ed's. It was a sort of elephant emporium, with peanuts for sale, stale fudge, and about ten million elephant statues. I don't know why Corey knew of its existence and I don't know why the store doubled as a candy shop, but we left there with my hands full of fudge and Corey's mouth full of red licorice.

Sadly, I didn't have my real camera with me. Instead, I took pictures on my cell phone. Here is Corey, posed with the elephants he loves so much.

As I walked around the store/museum silently making fun of the whole thing, Corey asked me why I couldn't just appreciate Ed's love for the elephants.

I suppose I'm just not able to emote properly. How could I not be overwhelmed? Look at the meaningful signs.

No matter how many elephants Corey showed me, even the statues from India, I was not moved to tears. Thankfully, Corey wept with joy for both of us as we ate candy in the car. He also turned the heat up to ten thousand degrees, both to imitate the African climate the elephants love and to melt my icy heart.

I think we should go there every Sunday.


ninny said...

i didn't know corey was a pachyderm lover....

Jane said...

You were in Littlestown? Did you visit my friends the Dunlops, parents to Kelly?

p said...

Thank you for coming! We had so much fun and it was nice to see the Rank-Lev team in action. I like the married version of team Lev better than all of the versions I've been privileged to know thus far.

Corey, with all the love for the elephants, perhaps you should join the party of Lincoln and Reagan.

DISCLAIMER: This comment may not be grammatically correct.

p said...

I meant that to be mushy and love-y.

It is nice to see you two hitching wagons and being happy and cozy at our house. I re-read the comment and realized it sounded strange or that I didn't like you as individuals. I am not good with communication.

kk said...

There must be something in the male gene pool that makes this love of elephants. My man also has this illness. For many years he had a collection of the creatures from all over the world. Over the years they have disappeared, imagine that....But if I find any stays around I'll know where to send them

Snacky D said...

I drove by this place yesterday on my way back from Gettysburg... and I definitely did not have an urge to stop. I bet Corey found out about it from Justin, who was quite excited when we found out you guys went there.