Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I Lurk in Lobbies

My Mac battery, for those who haven't heard me brag about this, lasts up to five hours if I dim the back light on my fabulous machine and don't watch videos. This means I have five glorious hours of lurking available to me if I can find an open WiFi signal.

As I was driving to the "office" (grocery store...) today, it occurred to me that when I was in Canada for the World Cup I had great success in lobbies of hotels and fancy buildings. I decided to try that vein. I had two unsuccessful bouts at golf courses before I found yet another grocery store with open WiFi.

I wasn't having much luck from my parking space tucked between SUVs. My brother-elect told me I should try another cubicle in the office building, but I decided to brave the inside of the shop. Equipped with my debit card (in case someone demanded I buy something) and my lovely laptop, I unearthed this mecca:

Look at the artwork! And plush armchairs! And the fireplace! I'm sitting on an armchair with my shoes off in lotus pose, pretending I'm in my own home as I watch children spill lettuce on the floor in the produce section just beyond the love seat.

I love technology.

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PeaceLoveMath said...

The hotel lobby across the street from my parents' condo is where I performed actual work that I charged to my timecard each day I was at the beach for a week last summer. It was great. I'd wake up in the morning, have a leisurly breakfast, put on some comfy clothes, roll my breifcase over do the Holiday Inn, work for 3 hours, then hit the beach. Best idea ever. I didn't even have to use much comp leave. I even actually plugged my computer's power cord into their electrical outlet, so I was stealing internet AND electricity, all for free. WiFi is the greatest invention ever.