Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Rugby Season

Today is my first practice. I feel so nervous about my fitness. Even though I've been rowing all summer, this past weekend I couldn't make it through 80 minutes of rugby. I eked out 60, just barely, on Saturday, but was lucky to bumble through 40 on Sunday.

My main concerns for this evening are as follows:
1. The blisters on my feet will make me miserable. Damn high heels!!!
2. The fat on the upper thighs will rub together in the humidity and I will get real bad chub rub from all the sprinting like last season and I'll be miserable.
3. I won't bring enough water along and I'll be thirsty and miserable in addition to dead and tired and drained of energy.

At least I'm not nervous about contact. The 53 year old grandmas knocked that timidity right on out of me this weekend. Lactic ladders here I come!


ninny said...

i don't know what you can do about #1 unless you have moleskin but #2 & #3 you can certainly take care of! do you need another pair of shorts to wear under your shorts? mommy will buy them for you...

Anonymous said...

Keep up the hard work. It will get easier...I promise.