Sunday, August 27, 2006


I'm very excited and full of energy after a long Penn State rugby weekend. The whole event just makes me that much more excited to go to the women's world cup in Canada. How amazing is it that the shindig is so close to me? least on my hemisphere! All weekend long, people chatted about how excited they were that two PSU scrumhalves are representing the US in Edmonton. It gave the weekend an even more festive air.

I spend the majority of my free time these days refreshing and the world cup site waiting for news updates on the tournament. I've even arranged to leave practice early on Thursday so I get back home in time to watch the first match against England on my computer.

What excites me so very much about rugby is that the best players in the country and in the world are so accessible to me. I have PLAYED with a bunch of Eagles and done one scrumming practice with Phaidra Knight at which I performed terribly due to being star struck. I love that my heroes and inspirations are going to win the World Cup and tell everyone in the whole world how USA Rugby women are the best ruggers out there.

I sound like a commercial. Not the most interesting writing, but my brain is too preoccupied to think about other things. Agh!! I can't wait!

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