Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Here We Go Again

Three entire weeks of non-work. How is it that I consider my three weeks of built-in time to write non work? I suppose one answer could be that I'm not writing. I am instead sitting on the sofa in my underpants watching Deadwood and MTV reality series marathons.

Could someone please come over here and shake me until a 200 page graduate thesis falls out of my head into my laptop?

I think this summer during my time of non work I shall tackle peach pies. I did apple last summer and, really, to repeat fruits is very boring.


ninny said...

make sure you watch entourage

Katy said...

i can't get into entourage. corey digs it, though. i think it's the only hbo series i don't love.

Blondie said...

Make peach pies until the deadline looms too large to ignore ... then use the peach pies to fuel a massive explosion of writing.

At least that is how I would approach it. ;)

mmmmmm ... pie.

Jane said...

Peach pie is yummy. had peach flan tonight. Would you learn to make that, too? Please?

Katy said...

i do not like flan. not one bit! yuck yuck yuck.

Emily said...

i agree flan is awful but peach pie sounds good! I've been wondering what to do all next week when I'm off. cooking is a good idea : )

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