Wednesday, April 19, 2006


I was talking about Big Love on the bus home tonight. I was chatting with LeeAnn and Patsy about my fascination with the show and how abominable I think it is that Nikki is cheating to get extra sex out of Bill. This skinny boy with an ugly lamp and a shiny shirt glared at me! Actually turned his head to glare at my conversation. Was he angry that I hate Nikki? Was he insulted in my inability to understand polygamy? Was he hurt that I revealed a plot detail? Or did he think I was talking about REAL people having polygamous sex in REAL life? (Which we moved on to do, since LeeAnn knows some people! Holy wow!) Anyway, angry bus man, you are on my angry list this week.


Em said...

Technically, polygamy is the marriage arrangment and associated with polygyny and sexism. Polyamory tends to be a more equitable arrangement. Probably this is the situation for the people your buddy knows.

PeaceLoveMath said...

so what's polyamory?

Em said...

Polyamory is a mutually agreed non-legal arrangement of multiple partners. Could be a communal arrangement with common partners all around, a primary pair with dedicated secondaries for each partner, or an open relationship. Whereas polygamy is generally one man and multiple women in a closed relationship, polyamory tends to be more flexible.