Thursday, April 13, 2006

Food Gods

Well it happened. Tobias Wolff has come to Pittsburgh. Being carless, I missed my chance to gather him at the airport but that is ok because I went to a reading and a panel discussion led by him yesterday. This is what I learned: When famous people come to Pittsburgh, the University provides delicious free food for all.

The student union was overflowing with a free bounty. There were vegetarian mushroom wraps. Fried chicken. Salads. Grapes. Other fruits. Chips. A muffin sculpture. Juice bottles. Cookies. That's about all I could fit in my bag before Toby started talking.

It made me realize that I could probably wander around that union building any day of the week and gather up free goodies from panel discussions. Every day that place is full of speakers. It might even be worth five minutes just walking around looking for snacks. That mushroom wrap was de-freaking-licious. I've had better muffins, but I didn't expect them to be soft when they were stacked and arranged in the shape of a flower.

My cousins are sleeping on my futon right now. They are here for a college tour. Perhaps when I am in charge of them later this afternoon, I shall walk them into the studnt union and show them how to really eat well in college. I think Toby left town yesterday, but surely someone else special is around to talk about Holy Week.


Em said...

The best thing about Sunday brunch at Bucknell (sometimes the only good thing) was that all the leftover desserts from Saturday night's speaker/trustee/art gallery opening soiree were dumped unceremoniously on the dessert bar. Mmm, petit fours.

PeaceLoveMath said...

hi addy and franny! i can't wait til you come to visit me!!

Anonymous said...

"Bullet in the Brain" is my favorite Tobias Wolff story. It is reminicent of "An Occurance at Owl Creek Bridge". Teaching your cousins to pilfer is a good thing?

Anonymous said...

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