Wednesday, April 26, 2006


I never even knew about DHL until recently. I thought FedEx and UPS were the only choices for package delivery. Now it seems uses DHL to cause trouble when sending my books. They used to send things with the postal service. I know because I would sit on my stoop on Harry Potter day to watch the mailman stagger up the driveway with his bulging sack of HP books.

Now, all I want to do is read the new book by my professor. Jeanne Marie Laskas has released her latest book, Growing Girls. I know that DHL tried to deliver it at 730pm last night. Who delivers at 730 pm? I knew the package was coming and made a point to be home during business hours yesterday. I thought packages come during the day time!

I have to leave the house today at 2pm. I feel very nervous that DHL won't deliver my package before then. I just want my books! If I had known about this drama, I would have driven to the DHL place and picked it up myself. How is a girl supposed to receive a package these days?? What do I do???

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