Saturday, April 01, 2006

Burgh Fun

Today was quite the productive day for me in the Burgh. First, I played rugby at Carrick High School after the Carrick HS girls played. It was really awesome to go there and support the young girls and ALL of them stayed for our match. They were so cool and told us they want to be like us when they grow up. Now THAT felt good.

Then, after failing terribly at navigating my way through Polish Hill and various routes up Mt. Washington giving teammates rides and collecting perogies, I finally left to go to the North Side for the launch party of thinktank, a space for creative people to rent cubicles and have offices away from home among other creative folks. I networked a little...actually met an old rugby dude who writes for the Post Gazette and a cool lady who needs people to work layouts for a new community newsletter she's writing.

Then, finally, to top off the evening of Pittsburgh fun, I went to the Brillo Box in Bloomfield. It was my friend's birthday and she was totally drunk and belligerent. She actually told another birthday girl to go f*@k herself for trying to steal the birthday attention. It got kind of ugly. Luckily, the bar was cool enough to distract people from the fighting birthday princesses.

I feel like I now thoroughly understand how Bloomfiend is situated between the major highways of Pittsburgh and I can even drive on the scary, windy, 15mph hills that look like deadly alleys but are really main roads. I might just be finding a home here at last!

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