Thursday, April 06, 2006


I have got to come to terms with the fact that I am busy on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. I cannot participate in American Idol this season. Each week, I forget to set up the VCR Tuesday morning and then feel grumpy all day about it. I rush home from tutoring Wednesday nights so I can catch a glimpse of the results show and wonder why, why am I doing this? I hate the freaking results show. In what reality do we need to spend an entire half hour watching a moron shuffle people into groups? But I tune in if I make it home. I certainly do.

And then I stand there in shock over the bottom three as if I've watched a single episode since the auditions. Not Mandisa! Not her! But who the heck knows? She could be sucking it up each week. I feel like I need Ace to leave because I can't stand looking at his bulgy eyes and his fake expressions. If he puts his hands in prayer pose and bows one more time, I might give up on the show for good. But he might be awesome! I have no idea!

This all started when Corey was supposed to tape it 2 Tuesdays in a row. Once you miss 2, you tell yourself it's ok to miss four. You're still involved! you think. But no. I am busy on Tuesday and Wednesday nights. I am not a part of this show. I can't walk around and hate Paula Abdul this year. I can't wish the earth would swallow Ryan Seacrest. I can't even shake my angry fist at the incessant commercial breaks and call my mom to bitch about them. Because I am uninvolved this season.


kk said...

Yes Man-diva is gone hard to beleive but if you didn't vote it doesn't matter. i think that Paris twit should go along with Ace Mr. prayer bow. i cant stand Paris's voice when she is not singing. I am sorry you are not able to watch AI this year but be glad you don't have to watch Paula, she is a nit-wit and i could just slap her!!!!!! her stupid comments ..."OH you stay true to yourself, you look wonderful." same thing all the time I could just puke. I think her, simon and ryan have secret orgies back stage before and after the show. Only problem with that is they should keep something in her mouth during the show!!!!!! thanks for bringing up AI Katy. i need to vent..

Editor, The J.E.I. said...

Don't question your psychic powers, Katy, you're pretty much right on the money when it comes to the Idol dweebs. Ace is indeed the most annoying thing on TV since Tyra. So go ahead and hate Paula, wish a crushing geo-death on Seacrest and shake your fist at Ford, Coke and Cingular. You know what time it is.

east side girl said...

Don't worry, we'll all keep you posted. You will not be left out in the cold!

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