Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Who Knew???

So I guess it didn't actually occur to me that I have to write a book to complete this program. Needless to say, I am quickly discovering that they weren't kidding. I just now returned home from a 2 hour meeting detailing all my dealines for the next three years. I had to, right this evening, on the spot, in front of everyone, select a reading committee based on my one drunken meeting with the four writing professors. Luckily, my selected committee chair is going on leave starting tomorrow. Her wildly successful novel just went into paperback and she is on a book signing tour. Not at all intimidating to someone who has no clue where to even begin!

Maybe if I quietly complete all my coursework and attend all the lecture series and acquire grant money to travel across the country, an idea will come to me and Corey will write my novel for me one evening while I watch Sex and the City reruns.

Or maybe they will count blogging as a new genre and I will revolutionize the MFA program and never even need to revise my work.

I need to go to bed now because I have meetings and/or class from 9 until 9 tomorrow. If you think it's a fun and stress free idea to cram your entire week's worth of work and class into two days, you are DEAD WRONG!!!!! I should have just sucked it up and spread things throughout the week.

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