Sunday, September 11, 2005

Irish Festival

Yesterday I had my first game with the Angels. We dominated Buffalo 38-12 and it felt pretty good. Their front row weighed 600 pounds, so scrumming was painfully awful, but it was really good to be playing rugby again. Afterward we played flip cup with the other team for hours before heading out to the Pittsburgh Irish festival down by the river. There were all these bands playing and vendors selling Utilikilts (khaki kilts with cargo pockets. tres cool!) and other Celtic goods.

Gaelic Storm were the headliners and they were fantastic! Their music was really, really fun and full of energy. It was so awesome to be there with my team, all of us dancing together. The men's team came along, too, and I really like that this team hangs out so much with the men's team. In Morris, I couldn't even name three players on the men's side, but here they are my friends.

Jackie and her boyfriend Sunshine gave me a ride home and I found out they live really near me. I'll be able to carpool to practice with them!

Corey came to watch my game but was so disinterested in Irish music that he wouldn't come to the festival. Now my whole team thinks he's a party pooper cause he stayed home to watch Entourage. I guess he IS a party pooper...

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Em said...

Utilikilts! Heart!