Sunday, September 25, 2005

Huge Nerd

So when I was tutoring last week, I noticed my student had left the price tag on his baseball hat. I said "I can't believe you spent $50 on a baseball hat! Why did you leave the tag on?" He just laughed and took off his hat and put it in his bag. This week, I was working with a group of football players and they all had the size and price stickers on their hats. I asked if this was the new thing to do and they all started laughing at me like they felt bad for me. Betsy has confirmed that I am indeed a huge nerd and that kids these days leave stickers on hats if they want to be gangsta. My one student told me, though, that the hat you "rock every day" doesn't get stickers. The stickers are just for when you go out. Who understands kids these days?

Yesterday we lost 19-5 to Detroit, which is ok since they are the defending national champs. We had a late game, so we just went on the town still dirty from our game. It was really fun to walk around the south side wearing our new matching sweat bands from Kelly E and our rugby uniforms. Lust still had blood all over her knees and Dez never did go to the emergency room for her collar bone. She just walked around with her arm ace-bandaged to her chest and had people help her drink her beer.

One guy from the men's team brought his girlfriend out. Of course she was wearing inappropriate shoes (stiletto heels? with rugby people???) and her feet hurt. So Christian gave her his flip flops and he wore the heels for a few blocks. He decided the heels would look better if he tucked his jersey all the way into his shorts and pulled them up until he had a camel toe. I'm surprised they even let us into the bars we went to. It's really nice to feel at home with a new crowd of hoodlums again. They are really pressuring me to coach the high school girls this spring. Apparently, they will have to close down the north side team if they don't find a coach. I hate this pressure! What should I do????

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