Monday, September 19, 2005

Stupid Cold Part 2

Tutoring athletes with clogged ears is quite an unusual experience. The students have low reading esteem and mumble and I spent about 2.5 hours saying "WHAT????" and then they had to yell out the answers they already felt self-consious about saying. What a dilemma!

Today I had to drag my groggy ass to the office to work on gerontology papers. It was actually pretty interesting today, so it kept my mind off my throbbing ears. People kept looking at me like I had plague when I was blowing my nose on the bus. I guess it is pretty upsetting to be squeezed into a confined space with a nose blower.

So Friday night I was talking to a girl in my program who spent last summer living on an island off the coast of Washington. She was there as a writer-in-residence and totally thinks I have a chance at being accepted for this coming summer. The application deadline is October 1, so I have to get in gear if I want to apply. Imagine! Living on an island in a private hut being paid to write and having my meals delivered to my door! And all the meals come from the organic garden on the island.

I'm going to also apply to 3 other summer residencies with later deadlines, but this one definitely sounds the most exciting. From my newfound knowledge of graduate school, I know that winning a residency is a major, major honor for your CV. Hopefully my head will clear out and I can work on my application for the next 11 days.

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Em said...

Holy crap, island living!