Thursday, June 25, 2009

Welcome to the Neighborhood!

Summertime in Morningside is a little different than other times of year. Mostly because the windows are open and I can hear that it is, in fact, not the quiet sanctuary I thought. Even before I stopped working from home and started just being at home, I thought it was a little too noisy during the day.

Earlier this week, one dude who lives along Kalamazoo Way decided to jack hammer non-stop from 7am until 1030pm. I can only assume the jackhammer broke at that time, because why the heck should he stop at 1030? I mean everyone who goes to bed early (me...) is already in bed by that time anyway!

Most mornings, the three children being raised by their grouchy and potentially substance-addicted grandparents are out back in their pool. These are not normal kids making cherub sounds. These are demon children who shriek louder than the jackhammer. They try to drown each other. They kill their pet chickens. They scream and they scream and the only thing louder than their screaming is their grandmother hollering at them to shut the hell up.

Then the dogs start barking. There's a few sets of dogs on the street and every now and then, there will be a barking cacophony involving all of them. Most days recently, it's just the new collie who moved in a few doors down. That thing is inside its house and just lets loose for hours at a time. I hear it right now. Above the sound of the cat the children are trying to take swimming with them, which sounds exactly like what you think that might sound like.

I know I'm pretty excited for Baby Love to add to the symphony. I hope that sometimes, all these neighbor creatures are bothered by his crying. Because you know what? I'm bothered by all these noises. I'm bothered that sometimes the dogs are so loud that I have to actually close the windows because clients comment about it. I'm glad we're having work done outside our house to add our own jack hammering and drilling. Today, my grumpy, pregnant brain wants to tell the neighborhood to just suck it. And I would, if I thought it would hear me above "Anthony! Get your feet off my face! Woof! Shut the f*$k up or I'm draining that pool!!!!!"


ninny said...

baby love won't cry...

Jane said...

Not when his Ninny is there.