Sunday, June 28, 2009

Things I Freaked Out About This Weekend

1. Corey thinks it's weird that I want to have family photos taken after our baby is born. He finds this odd. What is wrong with him? I discovered that his own family only had images taken of his oldest sibling. I told Corey they probably thought he was gross and were trying to pretend he didn't exist, but that we love our baby and will be documenting his existence. I don't understand his hesitation. I'm the one who is 35# heavier than normal, who will have baggy excess skin dangling to my knees and milk-engorged bosoms. If anyone in this family should feel weird about portraits, I call dibs.

2. Nothing is open on Sundays. We tried to eat at Quiet Storm, Abay, Kelly's, the Crepe place on South Penn...everything was either closed or didn't open for another hour. We went to Pizza Sola, which is delicious, but now I have heart burn and I'm still thinking longingly of the vegetarian Pho I could have had at Tram's, which we drove past in hopes of the good chili at Quiet Storm. Damn you, PA, and your weird laws. First you deprive me of easy access to good wheat beer and now you make it hard for me to eat out.

3. The cashier at Target kept putting only one thing in each bag when I was checking out. For instance, I bought a floor mat, a lamp, a shade, and a pitcher. She put the mat in one bag, the pitcher in another, and was moving to put the lamp in a third. It was 89 degrees, humid, and I'm 39 weeks pregnant, so I grabbed the merchandise out of her hands, ripped everything out of the bags, and put the lamp in the pitcher in the shade in the tube of the floor mat and stuck the whole cannister in one bag. I think I left her standing there with my receipt in my haste to get away from her. Bag waster! It's awful enough none of the loot fit in the sack I had brought with me. I felt like I needed to give up toilet tissue to cancel out the carbon footprint of that trip.

4. Everyone who was pregnant at Crossfit has had her baby except me. I know I'm not quite due yet, but neither was K and she got to have her baby early. I'm working really hard on being patient, but I would sure love it if this baby chose RIGHTNOW to exit my womb.


Emily said...

You should definitely do baby portraits. I really want to do this. I also kind of want to do maternity portraits (though I might feel differently if I was the one with the extra 35# at this minute!). (Though I also freely admit my desire to do this with a fancy photographer is also compensation for having a budget wedding photographer!)

Ps. to Baby Love/Lev. Come out soon so you can bug mom by screaming instead of kicking! :)

Jane said...

all in good time, deary; all in good time