Thursday, June 25, 2009

Phone Call From Nance

Me: Hi, Mom. What's up?
Nance: Your Aunt Buppie called your Nanny. She thinks she knows the baby's name.
Me: (Panicking at the thought that I may have stupidly written it in a thank you note) What do you mean?
Nance: Buppie called and said, "I know Baby Love's name! It was written right there on the back of my envelope when I got my thank you card!" And Nanny said, "Well what the heck is it?"
Me: (Starting to sweat)...
Nance: And Buppie said, "It had a heart and then it said Team Love. They are naming the baby Team!"

It took Nanny and several others a few moments to explain to Buppie that Corey and I just call our family Team Love, that we view each other as co-captains of the team and that this was how Corey convinced me to take his name after we got married. That the baby will certainly be our newest member, our first round draft pick so to speak, but his name isn't Team...just his affiliation!

I love my family sometimes. Usually.


Emily said...

Baby Team. teehee.

Em said...

Too funny.

kk said...

I always thought you should name the baby Burt Ernie Lev. BECAUSE I can still hear you yelling to Burt & Ernie "Here I'm up here" when I took you to Seseame Street Live:+)