Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Time Out Again

My friend GW posted a new album on Facebook: Opening Day of Shamrock Shake Season. I had many reactions to this album, starting with my shock that I hadn't realized we were in the throes of Shake season yet at all. I mean, I'm still pining the end of pumpkin pie blizzard season at Dairy Queen. I'm just not ready for Shamrock Shakes yet.

But anyway, so many things in G's album made me marvel. For instance, the McDonald's where he was shaking had floral centerpieces. In vases. On the tables. Now, I haven't yet spoken to GW, so I have no idea what ritzy McD's he found, but flowers? At McDonalds? Aren't the tables at McDs supposed to be covered in a thin film of scuz?

Then I was looking at his Shamrock Shake cup, documented at each stage of drinking, and noticed there was a yogi in tree pose on the side. As if McDonalds products caused a zen state or were the choice drink of yogis everywhere. This is, I believe, worse than having Olympians sponsored by McDonalds and implying that one can be an elite world athlete while consuming these sorts of products. Everyone deserves a treat now and then, but come on! Yoga people? Shamrock shakes? My sister, a true yogi, comes to Pennsylvania once a year and usually eats about 2/3 of a cupcake, maybe a Swedish Fish, and develops an ulcer from the sugar overload. A yogi in tree pose is not drinking a Shamrock Shake.

Which is good, because then there's more for me. Really, I ask you, is there anything worse in the world than going to McDonalds for a Shamrock Shake only to be told they ran out of the mint mix or whatever? Truly disappointing.

You all know where I'll be after my trip to the dentist this afternoon!

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Valtastic said...

I have to say.. about the athlete comments and not being able to eat there healthily... In the 8th grade science we had to do a meal plan for the day that was well rounded and healthy... I met on calories, carb/protien balance and got enough fruits and veggies... so it can be done... I heart the Shamrock Shake... some McD's don't offer it though..