Thursday, February 12, 2009


I am most of the way through knitting my very first sweater. This has been a momentous achievement for me. As you might know, I am very impatient. This is why I stick to smaller things in knitting. I knit relatively fast, so something like a scarf, hat, or socks generally takes me a few days. A week if work is busy. I have been knitting this sweater for a MONTH.

Even though I still have half a sleeve to complete, I got really excited and started sewing the pieces of the sweater together. To do this, I had to learn the mattress stitch. Isn't that exciting? I can make a seam!

Right now, the sweater just looks like a heap of lumpy, blue, cat toys. But Debbie Stoller assures me that with some careful stitching and a little blocking, it will indeed become a sweater. I had hoped it would be all done by Thursday so I could wear it to Chicago for the conference I'm attending and brag about it to Jenny Lui (my host), even though Jenny is not a knitter and won't fully appreciate the wonders of the sweater. The way things look right now, this will not happen. But in the meantime, I do have some photos of my progress:

By God, I will finish this beast by Sunday! Mark my words! And then I will squeeze it over my pregnant belly/bosom.


Jane said...

Beautiful blue color, mama.

Em said...

Yeah, I love the color too!