Monday, February 02, 2009


After the game, this is what the city was like. And I got to drive my family home through the madness. It was actually exhilarating. We had been at a party in Lawrenceville and took to the streets briefly to cheer and yell. I mostly watched the people be drunk and joyous, sober as I was.

But then we tried to drive home in the joy, and not only was I able to complete a k turn on Butler street, but I was also thwarted and redirected by a police barricade. Every single stoplight was a gathering point for fans, and I happily honked my opinion at all of them. I love horn honking normally, and I think I got to use my horn more times last night than ever in my life. It was so fantastic.

Sometimes I felt guilty because I couldn't honk and shift and make a turn simultaneously, so I'd have to shift real quick and resume honking while slowly and awkwardly navigating the throngs of revelers in the streets. Good times, Pittsburgh. Good times.

I hope I get to take my visiting siblings to the celebration later this week, whatever it may be. They need to see this.

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