Thursday, October 04, 2007

Cat Fight

Every morning, a ginger cat walks up my driveway and looks at me through the dining room window. He seems to say, "I hate that you moved here." I think he spits on the driveway and then leaps up into my garden, where he shoves the soil around and then climbs into a sunny space to lay and stare at me for a few hours.

Right now, he is out there howling. Loud, obnoxious human baby sounding howls. What the hell is wrong with him? Is he angry at my pine bark mulch (a 4-inch layer over thick newspaper covering that is a failed attempt to halt weed growth)? Does this cat know that I have squirted Round Up on the neighboring leaves?

I kind of want to shoot it with a pellet gun, but we do not have such things at our house. It's standing right now with it's back arched like a Halloween cat howling its brains out. I just want it to go away.

Shoo! Get out of here! I think now we need a dog for certain.


kk said...

You need to make that cat go away. First if it is howling it most likely is female in heat bringing all the male cats to your house for nasty cat sex. Then when the males show up they will all mark their spots in your mulch. Nothing is worse then that smell. It never goes away. Put some moth balls around your house sometimes that works, you could also try trapping then. If you need other ideas we can talk on the phone...I wouldn't want any cat lovers calling me:+)

Valtastic said...

eww Cats...