Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Be Careful!

Yesterday proved a perilous day for riding. On my way down Negley (going faster than the 71A thanks to the new paved portions of the road!) a woman drove past me in the left lane, beeping and slowing to match my pace. I kept looking over my left shoulder, wondering what she could possibly want.

"Be careful!" she yelled out her window. Thanks. Thanks for that observation. I had my helmet, rear blinker, front headlight, professionally built bicycle from my very own cyclist husband. Yet she was blocking traffic, causing me to look away from the road with her stupid advice. I want her to get a paper cut on her tongue. That's what I've decided she deserves. She will be licking an envelope to mail her cell phone bill and cut her tongue. Be careful!

Leaving work to go to class later, I got the green light on De Soto street. This is a VERY steep hill & I was barreling down toward 5th Ave, not using my breaks because I had the green light. Two feet in front of me, a pedestrian started to walk across the street. On a red light! He didn't even look at me. I just started screaming, "Hey! Oh my god!" as I grabbed a handful of breaks. The wheels locked up. The bike tipped over to the right, but I kept my feet and just stood in the street not believing what happened. The pedestrian didn't even apologize, just kept walking after glancing wide-eyed at his near death.

I was so shaken up I had to walk my bike down the hill and eat a pumpkin muffin to calm down. I never fully appreciated how dangerous it is to ride a bike in an urban place. I am in constant danger of cars AND pedestrians. It has only served to heighten my anxiety for when Corey goes out riding.

I am reminded of advice given to me in Driver's Ed by Mr. Shelhorn: SIPDE in all things! (Survey, identify, perceive, decide, execute) In other words, whether on car, bike, or foot, be careful out there.

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Snacky D said...

I don't remember that much from driver's ed... except that my driver's ed instructor is now famous for being in the movie "Borat".