Thursday, July 20, 2006

Secret Summer Behavior

Today was the last day in the classroom with my seventh grade summer writers. They've been really awesome, but I have one kid that is so damn naughty and distracting that I find myself exhausted just trying to keep control over the room. Near the end of class today, the demon interrupted another student who was reading her yell at me for delaying snack to allow this student time to share. Internally, I seethed. The blood left my body. I shivered with rage. Externally, I gripped the podium and had a discussion about respect.

I was so relieved to see 21 other students rolling their eyes at me. They knew. They know the demon child has no control over her behavior and ruins our blissful bubble of creative expression. They are on my side. The demon glared, but I have learned that when she's mad at me for disrupting her disruptions, she is quiet. I'll take it.

So after class each day, to rejuvenate, I like to sit on a bench and eat large quantities of messy, organic fruit with my fingers and with no napkins. My produce delivery provided juicy, juicy blueberries this week. After the demon's mother took her away, I plopped on a bench on fifth avenue and let the purple nectar stain my shirt, fingers, face. Bliss!

These berries are so plump and delicious. When I'm eating this fruit, there are no students or fellow grad students walking by. There is no trafic. My football guys aren't waving madly to get my attention from the shuttle. I just close my eyes and savor the fruit. I think of nothing but the berries. (I even block out the humidity) Then, I pack myself up, messy face and all, and walk off to my other job. Dr. N. pretends not to notice the juice stains on my shirt and life is good.

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