Monday, July 17, 2006


I think I'm a big baby. I've already been chastised for wimpiness by a Texan because I cannot function in this heat. I'm sure it's not worse here in Pittsburgh than it was in NYC. Yet I cannot move. Or clean. Or certainly cook.

Yesterday, we left the bedroom air conditioner on all day so I could retreat in there to my fainting couch while Corey brought me Miller Light. (Did I really write several weeks ago that I loathe air conditioning? This must have been before humidity moistened my life) I woke up really early, too, because I had to catch up with the filth that has taken over the apartment while I'm teaching summer school. Every half hour of scrubbing required an outfit change and at least 2 hours of recovery lounging. I wanted to take the Magic Eraser to my skin and scrub off the clammy flesh clinging to my overheated body.

By the time Deadwood came on at 9pm, I had drunk my way far beyond any ability to work on my writing projects and was somehow hotter than I was before Miller time.

I sluggishly relocated to a fainting couch in the living room and propped lunch box freezer packs all over my body and moaned at God's cruelty in creating humidity. And then I looked at Leon and Alma and my other Deadwood friends. I remembered the stifling heat of South Dakota and how we abandoned our campsite in the desert, unable to deal with it. But really I was unable to deal with it and demanded we move on to Wyoming.

I see a pattern forming. On the very first entry of this blog, Corey describes me having heat stroke on move-in day. Am I using the heat as an excuse to avoid work? Am I allowing myself to seem ill so others will toil while I lounge? Or, more probable on this 93 degree day with 43% humidity, are humans just not meant to operate under such conditions and I'm the only one smart enough to figure it out?


Jane said...

It's genetic. We pass on the desirable as well as the undesirable traits. You are undeniably related to me, kiddo ;)

Anonymous said...

I love you but you just like to complain- and when you complain about something you think about it more and affects you more. If you didn't think about the heat as much and had a few glasses of water you would have been fine. :P

~Val :)

Emily said...

As a former pseudo-Texas, I give you permission to complain. This heat bites.

onion said...

If it were 43% humidity you would have been cool (and, as pointed out by Val, you had been drinking water not beer)! But I agree that there is nothing worse than heat and humidity. Why it doesn't bother Corey -and his dad-I cannot figure out. I think Herb actually enjoyed our 4-day lack of electricity because he didn't hear me yelling at him, "PLEASE turn on the air conditioning!"

Anonymous said...

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