Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Mmmmmm Potatoes

I forget how much I love potatoes. Right now, I am eating potato salad out of a Ziploc bag with my fingers. I told myself I had to wait until 11am to dig in, but I just couldn't. My cubicle neighbor says it's ok and she won't think less of me. I just hope I'm not starving at 5pm...

Anyway, eating this delicious potato salad made by my friend Elaine in the style of her mother, Mary Gayle, reminds me that I love potatoes too much to give them up in my life. Corey does not eat potatoes. Rather than cook two meals each night or make other accommodations or have him in my way cooking pasta while I'm trying to fry things, I've just eliminated potatoes from my life. Why?????? How could I do this??? How could I forget about my starchy friends and their fabulous texture. Elaine's potatoes give just enough resistance as I bite through the tangy, creamy sauce. They fill me with joy. I have been living on a constant rotating diet of pasta, rice, pasta, rice, pasta, rice, cous-cous, rice. I am through!

From now on, I will cook potatoes. My unborn children cannot grow up in a house without potatoes! They just can't. Corey will have to wait until I am done cooking the entire meal and then make himself another starch on the nights I cook potatoes. Just think what I've been missing: mashed potatoes with gravy. Potato salad. Roasted potatoes with lemon juice and olive oil. Scalloped potatoes. Baked potatoes with everything imaginable. Hash browns. I'm starting to sweat as I list these foods. I feel like I've been lost in a twisting tunnel and Elaine's potatoes have been sprinkled on the ground to guide me into the light.

With this, the last bite of Mary Gayle's potato salad, I swear to never forget my tuber friends again. I will sing their praises wherever I go and eat their flesh forever.


nacho said...


I recently found these bags of little red potatoes for 2.99 at the grocery store. you can boil them up in like 10 minutes...then cut them in quarters and put whatever you want on them. Sour cream and chives, greek seasoning, butter and salt/pepper, Chalula! Yum. Makes about 4 big side servings.

j is an extremely picky eater, so I have eliminated some loved foods from my seafood and beef, and sausage. He is a chicken man. Chicken. That is all.

PeaceLoveMath said...

dude, i am so glad paul isn't picky. my friend nate from college visited a couple months ago, and i totally had to cannibalize my stir fry because he didn't like carrots and snow peas and most of the other ingredients - it's just not right! humans over the age of 20 should not be picky eaters. there is too much delicious food to be made!!

ninny said...

i'm a little potato

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