Thursday, December 31, 2009

Those Darn Neighbors!

Preface: I don't get out much.

Our neighbors are too nice. We figured this out when we moved in and they mulched our bushes for us. Then they pretended not to be angry when I woveled up their oregano plants. Now, ever since I slipped down the stairs and banged my elbows (still healing!)
they have been shoveling our walk and salting our stairs for us. Which is, of course, awesome. Unless you are crazy! Which I am!

I feel so driven to pay back their shovel deed. When it snows, I wait for the last flake to fall so I can spring outside and quickly shovel before they get there. I want them to wake up to shoveled steps! So this morning, I nursed Miles and waited for my moment. It stopped snowing.

I practically flung the baby at Corey, slammed on my snowpants, and ran outside, not even checking to see if the steps were icy. Before I could stick a shovel in the snow, I was thwarted by G, all dressed in his fancy work clothes, nearly finished with their walk. Gah! I think I actually yelled at him. He seemed confused, like he didn't know it was a contest?

Now I have to think of some other way to thank them. When I asked him to describe the contents of his lunch, he mentioned that he was out of bread. Maybe I'll bake them some bread, using herbs I'll steal from his garden...


Yvonne said...

Some people just feel good about themselves by helping others. I think this is the case for your neighbors. They see a young family that might need a little help once in a while and were probably terrible distressed when you banged yourself up outside. Let them help you. You can always reciprocate later when you have the time.

Katy said...

UPDATE: they went away for the weekend and Corey shoveled their walk.

Although, Yvonne, I think you are right. They are just really gracious, wonderful, helpful people. I mean, they bought Betsy a Hanukkah gift!