Thursday, December 24, 2009

Judgey Judy

I took Miles to Whole Foods yesterday because we had eaten literally everything in the house. I'm talking we had even consumed those random little half bags of whole wheat pasta hiding in the back of the pantry. We were stocking up on non-perishables!

So we made it through most of the store and saw there was a sample lady in the cheese section. Excellent! I'm back on dairy anyway. I shot out my left paw for a cheese sample when this douchebag lady in stretch pants grabbed my arm and said, "You know that's RAW cheese, right?"

I said, "OK" and popped that cheese in my mouth.

She looked at Miles, dangling from the front of me in his polar bear costume (so cute!) and said, "Oh. (sniff) You must not be nursing."

First: nursing moms aren't supposed to eat cheese made from raw milk. Just like we aren't supposed to drink alcohol. But I can have a glass of wine now and again and by God! I can eat a cheese sample from the cheese lady in Whole Foods!

I became so enraged by this woman's audacity. I thought of all the many months I have just spent struggling with nursing, the many hundreds of ccs or whatever of Fenugreek I ingest daily. The hours I have spent watching this video (where the woman's yield is truly staggering and makes me feel competitive/inadequate). And this grocery store judgey woman wants to get all up in my face for indulging in some local cheese?

What if I weren't nursing? She doesn't know anything about us. Maybe I had some sort of breast disease. Maybe Miles was adopted. The way she emphasized NOT and NURSING implied that I was totally garbage to her. I was so agog I just stomped away and told Miles he wasn't allowed to be like her when he grew up.

People NEVER have any sort of filter when it comes to sharing their ideas about your baby. When I was super pregnant and walked around with my skirt tucked into my underpants it took many blocks on a crowded city street and many floors in a crowded building before anyone said something to me. But dangle a baby from your chest and eat some cheese and everyone has an opinion to share!

Sometimes I know I am a pretty judgemental person, but I like to think that I would never approach a stranger in a grocery store and judge her parenting choices.


P said...

people are so crazy about cheese.

i read an article where a woman dipped a chicken wing in blue cheese dressing and her sister-in-law snatched it from her hand because she was pregnant. (by the way it is okay to eat blue cheese dressing because the cheese is usually pasturized in the bottled stuff). I mean I work to protect people from listeria as part of my job but you're not going to pass on some kind of deadly bacteria when the baby is outside of your body. listeria/e coli are not passed through breastmilk. and as i was reminded today (and lol'ed) - FDA does not regulate breastmilk. so other than being guilty of being rude - she is also guilty of not knowing what the heck she's talking about - you weren't feeding MW the raw cheese!

Laura V said...

what P. said! Jeepers. Not only was she a rudetastic judgey mcrudeface, but she was a _wrong_ rudetastic judgey mcrudeface!

you and I can go to WF together soon and buy some raw cheese and vengefully consume it together.

Em said...

Drive-by mommying |=(