Sunday, November 18, 2007


I spent a long, long time at the library today working on a project for a big famous professor whose class is really hard. Every few minutes, someone would stand near my reading heap and be on the cell phone and be really annoying. Most of the time, I stared daggers at the person until they shooshed. One time, though, my study buddy and I were distracted by this tall, over-dressed freshman-looking girl who was having a super loud conversation. It went like this: "So am I ok about how I acted last night? Cause I would hate to think I was bothering anyone."

Kathy and I looked at one another and whispered, "You're annoying us!!"

The girl kept talking and talking and I noticed that three tables of people were staring daggers at this yatch. I knew something had to be done.

I shooshed her. Loudly. Simultaneously, Kathy said, "PLEASE BE QUIET!" The girl turned red and hurried into the stairwell.

An hour later, I had to seek help because I was too darn short to reach the book I wanted from the top shelf. After I walked back to my table recovering from that embarrassment, I was bummed to find out that the girl had come back from her conversation and gave Kathy the bird. I was so jealous that I missed that! It would have given me hours of martyrdom to use to procrastinate and instead I had to do my stupid homework.

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