Tuesday, November 08, 2005

A Visit from Onion

Corey's mom came to spend the weekend. We had a fabulous time despite several time-related freakouts from me and a spat of bad weather for twenty minutes on Sunday. Here is a blurry view of the city from the Duquesne Incline at night time. You can see the point and some of the illuminated bridges reflecting on the water. After our lovely incline ride and walk around Mt. Washington (in November, wearing open toed shoes and no jacket!), we had a lovely dinner at Bella Vista. I think that means pretty view in Italian. I think you can say that's an understatement!

Earlier in the morning we went to my favorite Pittsburgh place--the Strip District market. I pumped my own olive oil again and infused it again! I love zesting limes in the kitchen! Ellen took us on an Ikea adventure as well. You should just see the apartment after her handywork.

Sunday we made pancakes at home and Corey had to entertain his mommy while I was at work and then Monday we walked around Point Park. As you can see, it is really pretty there and you get to see lots of the bridges up close. I can't wait for Jordan to come here and see all the fabulous bridges. Corey took a neat reflection photo in Jordan's honor and we attempted to take pictures of Corey and me where my face didn't look terrible. I don't think it worked, though....


Max&Reno's parents said...

Onion says:I think we are pretty good photographers! Jordan are you proud of us? It was really a beautiful day and I had a wonderful time thanks to my very gracious host and hostess. Katy I love the picture I took of you and Corey (and the one you took of me and Corey!)

Jordan Lev said...

Yes mother, I am very proud of you. Those pictures are really nice, and they do remind me of Portland. It's like a bunch of baby bridges... aww, how cute and snuggly. *COUGH* cough hack har... I mean -- yes that is some fine structural integrity I see going on. Keep up the good work.