Saturday, November 19, 2005

Bride on a mission

So Freya upstairs got engaged three days after I did. That evening, she came home with a box full of binders, magazines, phone numbers, and business cards. She is a woman on a mission. She and JP have decided on a May 2006 wedding, which left her seven months to plan. In the time I decided I should learn what different shape wedding gowns exist, Freya has a caterer, reception site, guest list, dress (!!!), ceremony location, bridesmaids, bridesmaids gowns...she's basically done organizing. I don't even know where to start!

Despite buying The Knot's ULTIMATE GUIDE TO WEDDINGS IN THE REAL WORLD, I feel clueless. Freya took this project under her wing and made a scrapbook full of magazine images in one day. She made her fiance comment on each idea. He wrote things like "Hm" and "Yes" in the 500-word spaces she allotted for each theme, bouquet, color scheme. She got him to come with her to the travel agent to plan their Scandonavian adventure honeymoon. He even went along when they registered! Could it be possible that Corey will assist in these endeavors?

At any rate, when Freya is not tasting cakes or budgeting flowers, she is more than happy to show me her web journal and bride packages. Apparently The Knot online lets you create any number of online wedding things. A website, budget tracker, phone number organizer, guest list status sheet that will create table arrangements based on last name and table size, gift registry list...Weddings are a scary, corporate monster endeavor. Do I really want to go down this road? Can I hire Freya to be my tour guide?

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Jordan Lev said...

NO! Don't do it!! The dark side can certainly be enticing, what with its promises of "everyone's doing this", "shouldn't the happiest day of your life be just perfect", "doesn't Suzy look precious in her mile-long dress" etc. BUT you need to have Katy and Corey's wedding, not Feya's. I guarantee you if I were invited to her wedding (which, after this I'm sure I won't be) I would get no more drunk, make no more of a fool of myself, and have no more of a good time than I will at yours. And I think that goes for everyone.

And, you think Corey's going to take an active role in all that?? Notice how her 500-word spaces were filled with "Hmm" and "Yes". He's probably a normal person -- but Corey? That's the most he will even SAY, let alone pick up a pen or keyboard and write about.

Anyway, my friends April and Dave are having their wedding in a month, and they just decided on it last month. It is at Dave's mom's house, which granted is a nice place in Florida, but still, they're getting a chef friend to make food, I'm doing photography, and his mom is going to put up some nice flowers. It will be really simple and beautiful and TOTALLY KICK ASS.

So be careful of all the corporate gobbledy-gook -- the more it's about flowers and food and table settings and presents and music and ceremony, the less it is about you and Corey.

PS - there is one exception to what I said -- alcohol! I hear you suggested not having alcohol at the wedding -- ARE YOU CRAZY?!?!?! What do you want, no one to show up? Earth to Katy... Hello Katy... All that book-learnin' is making your brain mushy.