Saturday, November 19, 2005

Oh! PS

I went to the new Harry Potter movie last night! Yay! It was really good, although I can't help but be disappointed by the little things they left out. Like Winkie! and SPEW! But it was really good. I like that the guy from the English Patient is Voldemort. It makes me excited for book 7 to come out all over again. Before we went, Corey and I had dinner with the upstairs folks and Ms. Destiny Miller from downstairs. Then we filled our purses with M&Ms and got our free popcorn at Lowes. Why free pop corn, you ask? Because Lowes is in Homestead, a crappy, drug action neighborhood on the south side of the city. There was a fatal, drug-related shooting at the Tupac or whatever rapper movie last week. So the theater is giving out free popcorn to entice viewers to go! How great!

Anyway, the movie was nice, the chairs reclined, everyone was unshot. It was a fabulous evening. I provided the mashed taters. Corey ate rice beforehand. And skipped going to the movie. All 15 of us piled into cars and left and he just went home. Why?

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