Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sugar Free Day 3 (1 again?)

Something terrible happened yesterday: I cheated and ate sugar by accident. I wasn't even thinking and popped a whole wheat pita in the toaster, ate the whole thing, then read the bag. Ingredient number 3 on my frou-frou whole wheat pita? Sugar. I guess this means I have to start over?

The slip up got me thinking again about mindfulness and eating. I know that the main "meals" I eat each day are very healthful and balanced, because I cook them all myself from 90% "whole" foods (i.e. nothing packaged, nothing my grandmother wouldn't recognize as a food, etc.). But I eat a lot of snacks in between those healthy meals. A lot of snacks. Miles is old enough now that I don't get to use "I just had a baby!" as an excuse to shovel in the food. He is starting solids, too, so I am not nursing as much and need to cut back.

Despite my best intentions, I'm not getting in a lot of working out, either, so my caloric needs are just not as high right now. And still I snack. I snack and I snack and I snack. The cheat-a pita wasn't even actually breakfast. It was second-breakfast (I think of meals like hobbits do).

So today, I am looking not only at the contents of my foods, but at my quantities. I don't want to spend my life worrying whether the whole wheat pita I toasted contains refined sugar (beyond the confines of this 2 week experiment, obviously). But I do want to know that I am eating the whole wheat pita because I am actually hungry and not because I smelled toast and felt like I should eat some.

I don't have a whole lot to focus on right now, being snow-bound with a baby and all. Thus, I spend a LOT of time thinking about what I put into my body and even more time thinking about what I would like to put in there. Today was a rough one for cravings. I want a cupcake or a chocolate bar something fierce! I hope that pita didn't throw me into a terrible downward spiral and that I can overcome these urges with a nice, juicy pear.


p said...

refocus with predetermined snacks you can have, pods of nuts hidden about the house, fruit on a plate with knife nearby for slicing off a piece (did you ever slice up fruit and watch as everyone around starts stealing it - but they never would have thought to slice it themselves?), and many times we snack when we're actually THIRSTY because we've stopped listening to our body signs (this happens to me a lot and I crave salt that will make me drink).

some people just arent meant to eat 3 SOLID (by that i mean big) meals per day, maybe you're someone who will respond to smaller measured feedings at closer intervals - if you're not sure what goes into those feedings because you're not doing them with others (for example you'd PLAN a meal with Corey or your mom but not for yourself at 1030AM even though you're hungry from 1030-1045 most days) you're more likely to do a drive-by.

imagine MW at 2 years of age, you're going to have those little containers of cereal and crackers around for feedings, slices of celery, and chopped up apples, strawberries, and half containers of yogurt. now apply that to yourself. it should take less energy/time for you because you don't have to make sure they fit little fingers and mouth.

yadda yadda yadda

Katy said...

you know, the thirsty thing is totally true. when i was pregnant, the midwives told me my sweet cravings were actually cravings for fruit which were actually cravings for more FLUIDS. i am still breastfeeding enough that i need to pile on the extra liquids. i just keep forgetting to refill my water bottle. that's today's mission: hydrate.