Tuesday, February 09, 2010


Often, the highlight of any adventure (for me) is the food I consume. My trip to the West Coast in February was no exception, although it was seemingly commonplace, small things that delighted both me and my wee bairn.

For starters, people grow citrus in their yards there. In. Their. Yards. I consumed several of the most delicious oranges the universe ever provided, grown by a neighbor. While we were out for a stroll one day, another neighbor told me to stop taking pictures of her grapefruit and just eat one already. Patsy's very own yard sported the buds of blooming lemons. Actual lemons!

And did you know kiwi was a citrus fruit? I learned this in California when I fed ten thousand of them to Miles, who gobbled them down truffle pig-style.

While my Pittsburgh brethren are forced to eat wilty grocery store basil, Patsy and I bought some farm fresh and weaved it into the most delicious local eggs and cheese for a breakfast I still remember exploding in my mouth. This was the day I decided I could start feeding Miles some of the foods I eat. He just sat on my lap and ate omelet with me, and we loved it equally.

I think the other things I ate (cheese, salad, pizza, eggplant sandwiches) all just tasted so wonderful because all the ingredients were so fresh! An unexpected highlight of my week was the opportunity to eat things just pulled from the earth. Oh, how I long for August...


Jane said...

Truffle pig-style? I can only imagine Miles eating fresh kiwi and how cute he looks. Did you take a picture?

Katy said...

no picture of the kiwi. but my other citrus pictures will be up soon as my luggage has been discovered. i just need to get to the airport (somehow) to get the luggage. you know, after the second blizzard lets up.

Valtastic said...

i was just thinking that the other day about how i can't wait for local fresh veggies to come back..

ellen/mom-mom said...

When the airline "loses" your luggage aren't they supposed to deliver it to your house? Continental did when they put our luggage on a different flight from us.

Also loved the mental picture of Miles eating like a truffle pig, but if a truffle pig ate the truffles after he found them he'd be out of a job very quickly. Most likely, HE would be the truffle hunter's dinner!