Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Wee Hiatus

As it turns out, raising Miles has made me feel like I got hit by a truck. And then the truck backed up and ran me over again, while the driver yelled, "Face it, Katy! I am older and I have more insurance!" Or maybe the truck driver would have said something about relinquishing ideas of control or the notion that babies nap during the day, thus making it possible to carry on a normal semblance of a life.

I am at a place where I begged my family for help. And they came out here. Which is great, because I have become a woman who has to pencil in DUST LIVING ROOM a week in advance, so I really need the spare hands rocking my high needs baby.

While all this transformation and sleep deprivation is affecting me, I am simultaneously trying to return to work. I have taken three writing assignments and begun teaching two classes. And it is A LOT for me to handle.

All of this is to say I am taking a hiatus. I am not going to Facebook or Tweet or blog or even read blogs until I get my shit together. If I have 19 spare seconds to read Facebook, I could have been napping or clipping my toenails. If I have several minutes to post a blog, I should have been emailing my editors. Or commenting on student papers. Or peeing (still have to remind myself to do this, as that part of my anatomy hasn't regained functionality).

I will be back when Miles starts napping and I start getting crap done. In the words of the great Eric the midget, Bye for now.


ninny said...

oh,no you don't. you are not leaving this! i will come move in with you before i will let this happen...mom mom ellen is there so you can blog!

Vanessa said...

You poor thing! Good luck with going back to work and rocking that very cute high needs baby. We* will be here when you get back.

*By we, I mean this lurker and I suspect many others as well.